123Playing the piano is my favorite sport!
Lindsey, age 10

I want to thank you for your 12 years of insightful, devoted, and always enjoyable piano instruction. I could not have asked for more of a teacher.

I have been taking piano lessons from Betsy for a number of years and find her to be a superb teacher. She tailors each lesson to fit my needs and makes the lessons fun. She stretches me without being intimidating and makes each lesson a productive use of my time. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to learn and enjoy the piano.

Betsy is an excellent teacher. As an adult student, I appreciate her patience, understanding and flexibility. I’m always bringing new sheet music for her to look over so my lessons run the range of classical, jazz and pop. The lessons are never boring as Betsy has a great sense of what’s fun to play. My favorite is playing duets with Betsy – it’s sheer pleasure. I can highly recommend her.

I have learned so so much from you over these years.What you have taught me has inspired and changed me and helped me grow.

Our young daughter has been taking classes with Betsy for 8 months. We find that Betsy is patient, yet firm, engaging, encouraging, accommodating and always very pleasant. She creates a non-threatening and comfortable environment in which to both learn how to play the piano and to read music. We would say that these qualities of Betsy help to motivate our daughter such that she ventures out to learn different pieces which are outside of those in the study books. Betsy instructs her class such that each one builds on the other, either by fine tuning a piece, learning a new piece which incorporates different scales and techniques for movement of the fingers effortlessly across the piano. Classes with Betsy are always wonderful. She is a wonderful teacher. We would highly recommend Betsy to anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano.
Caren & Robert

Thanks for all you do and say in support of the musical side of life.